Leka locality 2

GPS coordinates: N 65°06.033′ E 011°45.874′


There are beautiful examples of conglomerate at this locality. Conglomerate is a sedimentary rock that consists of hardened large particles of different colours and sizes in a more fin-grained mass (matrix). Some are so large that you can see what rock they originate from.

Almond-shaped stone

Have a look at the photo below. There you see a yellow, rusty, and almond-shaped cobble in the centre. Have you seen the same as bedrock elsewhere on the island? Do you know which rock it is?


Rounded particles

Most of the coarse-grained particles in the conglomerate, typical cobble- or pebble-sized, are relatively well-rounded. They are usually smoothed and rounded in moving water. In what environment do you think the stones in the photo below have been formed?


Tilted conglomerate

The conglomerate-layer in the photo below is tilted, and not horizontal, as one should have expected. Do you have any explanations of the inclination of the rocks? Hint: read the description of Caledonian orogeny here and plate-tectonics here.

Leka Skeisneset lokalitet 1 12_12


Answers to questions can be found here.

Next locality

Go to GPS coordinates N 65°06.045′ E 011°46.003′

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