Leka: Skeisnesset path

On Skeinesset you will find a great variety of geological locations along a path that runs along the seafront. The trail starts at GPS coordinates N65°05.984′ E11°45.455′(desimalminutes).  You will find the first locality at GPS-coordinates N65005.921′ E11045.777′.

Skeisnesset fra båt 13_05

The photo above shows the area where geo-path is situated, from the red boathouse on the left to the cabin to the right. Click on the photo for a closer view.

The different locality-descriptions are found by clicking the thumbnails below.

Leka01Thumb Engelsk Leka02Thumb Engelsk Leka03Thumb Engelsk Leka04Thumb Engelsk Leka05Thumb Engelsk

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