Torghatten locality 1

Hollow in the rock

GPS-coordinates: N65°23.880′ E012°05.797′

Torghatten jettegryte lokalitet 1 12_05

Follow the small path, that bifurcates from the main path, some few meters. Ahead of the signpost is a nearly cylindrical  deep hollow in the rock, see the photo above. Such rounded holes are called giant’s kettles or potholes.

What has formed this giant’s kettle?

Below you have four possible answers, and one is correct. Which?

1) It was made by a meteorite fall.

2) Water has excavated the hollow

3) It is a remnant of earlier mining

4) An old Norwegian troll (giant) has shaped it to use it as a pot/kettle


You find answers to the questions here.

Information about stop 2 is found further up the main path at GPS-coordinates N65°23.918′ E012°05.624′

View-point at N65°23.937′ E012°05.638′

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