Vega locality 1

GPS coordinates: N65°36.729′ E011°47.600′

VegaJuvika Lokalitet 1 12_04

Rounding of cobble and boulder

The locality, between 20 and 40 meters above sea level,  is situated in a field of cobble and boulders above the inlet Juvika. See more about grain size here.

Decide degree of rounding of both cobbles and boulders by comparing with the diagram below. Are the cobbles and boulders equally rounded?

In what environments are cobbles and boulders polished and rounded today? Have you seen example of such a place on Vega? Hint: Visit locality 4 (N65°40.036′ E011°47.759′) or look at images from the site. Do you think the cobbles and boulders here are formed in the same way? If there is a difference in degree of rounding of cobbles and boulders, try to explain the differences based on what you know about the environment grains have been rounded in.


See answers here.

Rundingsgrad engelsk

Click on the figure for an enlargement.

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