Geotopes on Leka, Vega, and at Torghatten

Different geological localities on the islands Leka and Vega, and at the mountain Torghatten in Brønnøysund, are presented in these pages.  The work has been carried out by the undersigned, all employees of the University of Nordland, in collaboration with Leka and Vega municipality, and Torghatten kurs & feriesenter. The work has received support from VRI initiative, a collaboration between Nordland County administration and The Research Council of Norway.

Arne Fjalstad, Rikke Lunell, and Anne Kristiansen
By clicking on the images below you come to presentations of the destinations with further links to individual localities. Out in the field you gain access to the presentations by scanning signposts with QR codes with your smartphone.

Lekathumbnail Vegathumbnail Torghatten Thumbnail1

Pressing the buttons below will take you to descriptions of some basic geology, background information of interest to what you will see on the destinations.

VRI_KnapperVRI_KnapperVRI_KnapperVRI_Knapper VRI_KnapperVRI_KnapperVRI_Knapper

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