Leka – a geological treasure

Nausthaugen_kvaløyelva13_44 mot SV og Størvet

On the island of Leka you may take a walk on fossil oceanic crust, consisting of lava rocks of oceanic crust and crystallized mantle from below the crust, all formed in the earth’s Paleozoic era. You can actually stand with one foot in the crust and the other in former mantle. The play of colours contributes to an exceptional nature experience. The mixture of volcanic rocks, landforms and lack of sediments gives a feeling of both being in Island and  participating in a Western-movie, before you wake up and recognize the typical Norwegian alpine landscape from Quaternary. This is a powerful experience for most people, not only avowed geologists. The photo above is taken northwest on Leka.

Because of its unique geology in a global context, Leka has been elected as the National Geological Monument of Norway.

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Leka Skeisneset07 Leka Kvaløya MOHO 12_05

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