Leka locality 5

GPS coordinates: N65 ° 06 E011 ° `082 46` 065

Shingle Beach

Size of grains

The rock fragments in the photo is deposited by incoming waves. As you can see in the photo the size of the pebbles (see about grain-sizes here) on the beach are roughly equal. Why do you think it’s like that? See about grain distribution here.

Leka Skeisneset lokalitet 4 12_32kuttet

Rounding of grains

If you look at the picture below, the pebbles are very well rounded. Why do you think it is? See more about rounding degree here.

Leka Skeisneset lokalitet 4 12_19

Division into types of rocks

Divide  50 pebbles into three groups: Striped (with structures), dotted, and unicolored. Use the description from locality 4 and on a separate page about rocks to decide which main types of rocks they belong to!

Answers to these questions are found here.

Leka Skeisneset lokalitet 412_12


The beautiful red schist and its spectacular structures invites to photography. By seeking out exciting photo motives you come closer to the rock, which enhances the unique experience of being right here. If you are a group you can compete with each other; who takes the most beautiful picture? If you publish photos from here on social medias, you are guaranteed response!

Below you see the lines of a «dinosaur». What did you find?
Leka Skeisneset lokalitet 4 12_09

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