Torghatten locality 2

Raised shoreline

GPS-coordinates N65°23.918′ E012°05.624′

Torghatten Strandlinje lokalitet 4 12_01 Torghatten Strandlinje lokalitet 4 12_05

By following a northward-going path, bifurcating from the main path at N65°23.918′ E12°05.624′, you get a beautiful view of an fossil, raised shoreline, c. 100 m above sea level. It is marked with a red circle and shown in more detail in the photo below.


  1. Why do you find a shoreline 100 m above sea-level?
  2. At the red arrow the cobbles and boulders are bigger and more angular than at the black. Why?


You find anwers to the questions here.

Next stop at N65°23.912′ E012°05.596′

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